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Find the perfect badminton racket - at!

We at racket-world offer a wide selection of various badminton rackets from reknowed brands like Babolat, Oliver, Victor and Yonex, in our online-shop we focus on clear product descriptions for each badminton racket. As a special service, we provide short videos to introduce several badminton articles, additionally you can test up to three raquets at the same time.

Badminton rackets at - leading brands
- Yonex
Yonex badminton racquets of the series Voltric, Nanoray, Acsaber, Astrox, Carbonex and Isometric are made for amateurs and professionals, for children resp. school sports there is a racket junior series available. For experienced players an individual stringing plan is offered.
- Babolat
Badminton rackets from the french company Babolat are suitable for beginners, advanced players and professionals. Being focused on gameplay and gaming behavior of various types of players, the producer has developed innovative racket series like N-Tense, I-Pulse Satelite, X-Act and X-Feel.
- Oliver
Known as a reputable sporting goods manufacturer, the canadian Oliver corporation provides high quality badminton racquets, designed for excellent in-game performance and comfortable handling.
- FZ Forza
FZ Forza offers quality racquets at a reasonable price, which are characterized by comfort and agility. Being equipped with titanium frames and easy to handle, their frame weight ranges between 82 and 86 grams. The raquets are made of lightweight graphite with either a soft, a medium-stiff or - for experienced players - a hard shaft, serving perfectly as an allround racquet for beginners and moderately advanced players.
- Victor
The company scores with a wide selection of badminton rackets at moderate prices and offers sporting products for every need. The V-Total Inside Wave racket series with advanced IW Technology represents the flagship of this international manufacturer. Equipped with a doubled number of waves and a unique stringing, this series provides an enormous durability as well as increased blow precision and shuttle-controlability.
- Karakal
The racquets of the belgian manufacturer Karakal impress above all by their unique design. Being lightweight and flexible in their stringing, they meet high quality standards. The shape of a Karakal badminton racket is designed to be easy to hold and guide, enabling a various and dynamic play.
- Rackets for beginners & hobby players
A badminton racket for beginners should provide certain characteristics to ease the learning process of different stroke styles and movements. This kind of rackets should be made of medium weight material based on a light carbon or graphite blend. The weight of a badminton racket for beginners is supposed to range between 80 and 95 grams and the shaft is to be designed in a flexible form.
- Rackets for children and school sports
In school sport activities, children meet a variety of sports and can make a real hobby out of this. The quality of the racket and other sports equipment can be evaluated on the clothing, the weight and the general processing of the materials. Special children's rackets are suitable up to a maximum height of 135 cm, have a shortened shaft and are made of aluminum resp. steel (reasonably priced but rather heavy) or graphite (light, but more expensive). Regarding the covering of rackets for children, usually natural gut strings or plastic strings are used.
- Ultra-light rackets
To meet the increasing demand for lightweight racquets, we offer a special selection of recommendable ultra-light badminton rackets with a weight below 80 grams.
- Rackets for ladies
This category represents high-quality allround-racquets for ladies, meeting all requirements of a good women's badminton racket.
- Offer of the month
Each month we offer accessories (e.g. shuttles, strings, grips) from well-known manufacturers at greatly reduced prices. Take a look and discover your favorite sports equipment!

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